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Lappato Tile - MST6303

Lappato Tile - MST6303


Lappato tiles, also known as semi-polished tiles, represent a sophisticated fusion of style and practicality in the world of ceramic and porcelain tiles. These tiles feature a captivating surface finish achieved through a meticulous combination of polished and lapped textures. With their unique appearance and tactile qualities, lappato tiles offer a contemporary and refined solution for a wide range of interior design projects.

Crafted with precision, KLD Home's lappato tiles undergo a multi-step manufacturing process to attain their distinctive allure. Initially, the tiles are polished using fine abrasives, resulting in a smooth and lustrous surface that reflects light and imparts an elegant shimmer.


  • Distinctive semi-polished finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Contemporary colour options
  • Less prone to show smudges & fingerprints
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